Islamic/Italian Influence

This page is for my research on Islamic influence on clothing and textiles of the Italian city-states

v1 of this has been presented at the Known World Costuming and Fiber Arts Symposium on June 21,  2019, Royal University Meridies on July 20, 2019, and Atlantian Fall University on September 21, 2019.

v1.5 was taught at Menhir in January 2020.

v2.0 is planned for the Known World Italian Symposium at Gulf Wars in March 2020 and will break into two classes: Islamic influence on Textiles and Islamic Influence on Clothing

This is a long term, living, breathing project -aspects I want to delve into in the future are:

  • Italian city-states beyond Venice and Florence
  • Identifying textiles to a specific city-state
  • Men's clothing
  • Women's clothing in city-states beyond Venice and Florence
  • Norman Sicily
  • Crusade and pre-Crusade era influencer 

I have many books I still need to explore and continually discover new sources. Watch this space :)


Class Outline v1.5

Example Deck v1.5

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