Classes Written

How to make Sekanjabin Syrup
The Two Hour Tarpuş
How to Make Çaprast Closures from Fingerloop Braids


16th c. Ottoman hats/veils
16th c. Ottoman embroidery/veil bands
closures on 16th century Ottoman clothing
15th and 16th century Italian textile patterns
16th century Italian collarless partlet
Ottoman influence on 16th century Italian fashion


16th fencing shirt with blackwork (done by him) collar and cuffs (2)
Ottoman gomlek
gold Ottoman entari
red salwar
turban wrapped fez
short cloak for rapier

Garb/Accessories -Alisandre

16th century turquoise Ottoman entari (replacement)
ginger Viking gown
blue Ottoman tarpus
grey Ottoman Tarpus
16th century mulberry Ottoman entari
Slytherin entari
teal striped salwar
green patterned salwar
red brocade 16th c gown after Fasolo's Portrait of a Family


2 bottles of ginger brandy for the Baronial Coronation gift basket for HRM Bryce and Rhiannon
Case of assorted brandies & sekanjabin for Madrasa guild largesse


Event Steward -Midwinter A&S 
Kitchen staff/Dessert cook   Lusty Month of May
Royal Luncheon -Red Tower
Merchant Steward- Castle Wars


Teacher -Joie d'Amour (Basic Italian Hemstitch)
Teacher -Gulf Wars (Basic Italian Hemstitch)
Teacher -Fools War (How to Make Sekanjabin)
Teacher- War of the Wings (The Two Hour Tarpuş)
Teacher -War of the Wings  (How to make çaprast closures from fingerloop braids )
Teacher- Oct. Baronial Class (A late 16th c shirt with puncture resistant gussets for rapier combat)


Modern Maker Bara System Pattern Drafting weekend workshop
Modern Maker Tailoring weekend workshop

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