The tarpuş was a necessary part of the well-dressed 16th century Ottoman lady’s ensemble.  A brief history of the tarpuş and learning how to make one with minimal sewing involved.

Have you ever admired the rows of “marching band style” trim on the front of Ottoman kaftans and Safavid Qaba? These are called çaprast and this class will give you a brief history and teach you how to make them from fingerloop braids. Knowledge of fingerloop braiding helpful but not necessary.

How to Make Sekanjabin Syrup
A brief history of Sekajabin in the SCA and instructions for making it with several variations.

Basic Italian Hemstitch (updated for Red Tower, Oct 1, 2016)
Instructions for the basic drawn thread hem stitch and a variation as well as examples  of its use from 15th & 16th century art.

Household Artifacts: European Sewing Tools 1150-1600 in Practical Use
Discussion of hand sewing tools 1150-1600 and their modern reproductions/adaptations with the goal of creating a period appropriate sewing basket to use at SCA events.

A late 16c shirt with puncture resistant gussets for rapier combat   
Instructions for cutting and constructing a shirt based on pattern #9 from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4 with underarm gussets altered to provide puncture resistant protection suitable for SCA Rapier Combat.

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