SCA Resume

Lady Alisandre Ysabeau de la Chapelle

Active Society Member: 

1986-1999    primarily in the Middle Kingdom
2015- present   Meridies



2016     Household Artifacts: European Sewing Tools 1150-1600 in Practical Use
Discussion of hand sewing tools 1150-1600 and their modern reproductions/adaptations with the goal of creating a historically accurate sewing basket to use at SCA events.


A late 16c. shirt with puncture resistant gussets for rapier combat
Cutting and constructing a shirt based on pattern #9 from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4 with underarm gussets altered to provide puncture resistant protection suitable for SCA Rapier Combat.

Taught at:  Midwinter A&S 2015

Basic Italian Hem Stitch
Instructions for the basic drawn thread hem stitch and a variation, as well as examples of it's use from 14th 16th-century art

Taught at: Royal University Meridies (RUM) 2016, Red Tower 2016, Castle Wars 2016, Jour d'Amour 2017.

How to Make Sekanjabin Syrup
A brief history of Sekajabin in the SCA and instructions for making it with several variations.

Taught at: Fools War 2017

Vigil Table for Mistress Alessandra's elevation RUM 2016 (with Baroness Leda Sands)
Royal Luncheon    Red Tower 2017
Vigil Table for Mistress Leda's elevation  Castle Wars 2017

Event Experience:
Autocrat:  Marche of the Thistle (Midrealm) event  1986 or 1987
Merchant Steward: Castle Wars 2015
                                Midwinter A&S 2016
                                Red Tower 2016
                                Castle Wars 2016
                                Castle Wars 2017
Event Steward:       Midwinter A&S 2017
                                Midwinter A&S 2018
Baronial Camp Mistress: Castle Wars 2016, Fools War 2017

6 hem stitched napkins for South Downs Baronial Basket to Caid   July 2016
2 pairs of hand made earrings (1 Roman, 1 16th century Italian) & documentation  for South Downs Baronial Basket to Barony of Vatavia (Calontir) Sept. 2016
2 bottles of ginger brandy for Baronial "Ginger" basket for HRM Bryce & HRM Rhiannon, May 2017

Offices Held:
Exchequer: Marche of the Thistle (Midrealm) 1986-1988 (years approximate)

AOA:   March 1988 (Midrealm)     
Tower Or: Castle Wars 2015   (South Downs Baronial Award for Service)
Meridian Cross: RUM 2016
South Downs Baronial Arts Champion: Castle Wars 2016 

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