Thursday, August 22, 2013

My costuming philosophy

While I am a firm advocate of research (and could and do spend hours researching)  what I really enjoy is the "design" part -bringing the look I imagine to life and recreate it exactly. Whether it's an actual extant dress or something that only exists in my head.

And I'm getting back into costuming because I enjoy it.  I have a high stress "real life" job and costuming is a relaxing activity I get to indulge in a couple of evenings a week.

This time around I want to play with fabrics that please me and occasionally dress up in pretty outfits that I've made/ designed. The historical accuracy will probably vary wildly from project to project.

I will probably never completely hand sew a garment.

I will probably buy things like corsets because I can find good ones and I don't find corset making fun. (I did it for my thesis project...  it's a beast and really its own art)

I will probably rip out as many seams as I sew while I'm remembering things I haven't done in years.

I may get brave and try to recreate a certain black and pink Worth dress that has remained in my head for years.  

But I will have fun doing it.

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