Monday, October 28, 2013

Lady Mary's Walking Suit (or how Pinterest made chaos of my project list)

So I had projects planned for the next few months.  I was going to knock out a shirt to replace the shredded linen one that Jay wore for Sunday in the Park.  Then I was going to make the 1940s evening dress I need for the Anachrocon dance. Then there was an 1890s skirt and shirtwaist for Anachrocon, a mid 19th century waistcoat for Jay.  And HSF challenges interspersed between projects.  This was a managable, if slightly aggressive schedule for someone who has maybe 6 hours a week to sew.

Then on my nightly Pinterest review, I came across this Downton Abbey photo.  And Lady Mary's walking suit beguiled me with it's siren song:  "Here.  Here is your next project.  Forsake all others.  I am what you really want to make."   And I was sucked in like a sailor on the rocks.

Reasons why I absolutely need to make this suit (or at least an approximation of it)

1) It would be, dare I say, flattering on plus sized me
2)  It looks simple enough to be a manageable project and yet elegant enough to be gorgeous
3)  It's trimmed with black velvet!
4)  from my VtM LARP days, I already have the black velvet gloves and a hat that will require minimal reworking
5) I might be able to get away without a corset under it

I totally need to disappear from the world for a week or so and do nothing but sew!!!

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  1. I so understand your costume attention deficit disorder (CADD) as I'm a victim too. And I love all the suits worn in DA. I found a pattern for one in Folkwear that I hope to make one from too.
    Val (from Costume Pattern Review on FB)