Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wherein our heroine becomes obsessed with early 20th century Vienna

I love days when I discover new things!  I was spending a leisurely Saturday morning perusing Pintrest over coffee when I came across a pin by the Dreamstress and was instantly enchanted.  (photos from the collection of  the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art)

The next pin was even more enticing:

It was like wearable Klimt or a German was Eduard Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill -who I had never heard of but was immediately fascinated by.  I'd never seriously explored early 20th century Vienna..  but clearly its time to remedy that!

The lovely synergy with this is that Andover Fabrics just released a Downton Abbey Collection and their Mary's Berry print looks surprisingly similar to the fabric in that first gown. And I'd been wanting to play with making fabric roses like that, but just didn't have anything to use them for. There may be another project in my future!

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