Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 HSF goals

This is mostly to get my ideas down somewhere as a reference, so apologies if this is a less exciting post than usual. Some of the goals are pretty aggressive and this is definitely more than the "half marathon" that I told myself I was striving for, so I'm giving myself permission to skip a challenge here and there to stay sane.

#1: Make Do & Mend

#2: Innovation - due Sat 1 Feb.
Skip, but plan on doing for the "ReDo" challenge later in the year.  While researching for the Pink challenge yesterday, I found a fun innovation, but have too many other projects with hard deadlines at the moment to slip this challenge in, since I was only planning to do the "half-marathon"

#3: Pink - due Sat 15 Feb.  
Embroidered handkerchief..which is turning into much more of a production than I originally anticipated

#4: Under it All – due Sat 1 March 
pantaloons from Victorian Undergarments class

#5: Bodice -due 15 March    

#6 Fairy Tale -due Tues 1 April
1860s dancing shoes from Grimm's "Twelve Dancing Princesses" or a purse from The Little Purse with Two Half Pennies or The Silver Shilling

#7: Tops & Toes – due Tue 15 April.  
Hat from 1880s hat class

#8: UFOs & PHDs – due Thur 1 May.  
Finish the uchigi I cut out but never started sewing

#9: Black and White – due Thur 15 May.
Still seeking inspiration but with as much as I love black, it shouldn't be difficult

#10: Art – due Sun 1 June.  
Medals from Alexander Suvarov painting?

#11: The Politics of Fashion – due Sun 15 July
The Edourd Josef Wimmer-Wisgrill dress that I previously posted about?  

#12: Shape & Support – due Tue 1 July.  
Corset from Victorian Corset class?  Panniers for Robe d'Anglaise?

#13: Under $10 – due Tue 14 July.  
Still seeking inspiration

#14: Paisley & Plaid – due Fri 1 August.
1890s skirt with the grey/black red plaid in stash?

#15: The Great Outdoors – due Fri 15 August.  
A  muff from the fake fur in stash

#16: Terminology – due Mon 1 September.
An Indespensible

#17: Yellow - due Mon 15 September
Still seeking inspiration

#18: Poetry in Motion - due Wed 1 October
Something medieval from a folk song?

#19: HSF Inspiration - due Wed 15 October
Wait until later in the year to decide

#20: Alternative Universe – due Sat 1 November
Still seeking inspiration but it shouldn't be difficult

#21: Re-do – due Sat 15 November
Redo Innovation

#22: Fort-nightliers Choice – due Mon 1 December. 
Can't decide till I know what the challenge is

#23: Modern History – due Mon 15 December
Still seeking inspiration

#24: All that Glitters – due Thur 1 January. 
Edwardian evening gown?

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