Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Fever

Spring..  when a (still sort of heart anyway) young costumer's thoughts run in a variety of directions completely in contradiction to all her current projects.

I've been watching the Borgias on Netflix recently and it's renewed my interest in Italian Renaissance fashion. Oh, those gorgeous gowns! And the detailing!



And I've wanted to make the gown from this painting since I had an Italian Renaissance persona in the SCA years ago.

Pontormo's Portrait of a Lady in Red 1530s  

And the theme for next year's AnachroCon is something 18th century related, so I've been starting to think about that.   I have mixed feelings about the 18th century but this picture sparked my interest and Jay likes coordinating costumes, so this is my current front runner:

Revolutionary ensembles 1789-1794  Kyoto Costume Institute

So, despite having 4 separate projects already on my plate in the next month (and one queued up to start), I couldn't resist and ordered patterns for an Italian Ren gown and a set of patterns for a full 18th century outfit, from stays and panniers out.

More on current projects in progress next time!

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