Sunday, May 4, 2014

HSF #8: UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)

I am still mired in my sewing slump.  This is week three and I tried to make myself do some sewing to see if that would kick start my passion again. No such luck, but I did manage to finish something for the UFO challenge.

This winter I'd gotten behind in the Victorian Undergarments class I was taking and chose to move on to the next project to (try to) keep up with the class, even though I hadn't completed the drawers project.  Two classes later, they were still unfinished (but halfway done) so I thought it would be a manageable challenge for unmotivated me. Still, I am three days late finishing this challenge. *wry chuckle*

The challenge:  #8  UFO

Fabric: some lovely cotton lawn from Dharma Trading Company.  It has a soft broken in feel, like a favorite nightgown after only one washing. Also some cotton eyelet and embroidered trim from my stash.

Pattern: Truly Victorian 102 Chemise and Drawers

Year: 1880s

Notions: thread, grosgrain ribbon, 2 plastic buttons

How historically accurate is it?  60%  Pattern is accurate, but its mostly machine sewn (including the buttonholes), the buttons were plastic and the grosgrain was poly.

Hours to complete:  hard to count since its a UFO

First worn:  Not yet, perhaps never.  The complete openness of this garment, while historically accurate, does not appeal to me.

Total cost:  maybe $20 for the fabric (originally) everything else was from stash

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