Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Scope Creep (in which our Heroine enters into an orgy of organization)

It all began with having to move a bookcase four inches to the right.  *wry chuckle*

My Bernina sits on a 1930s enamel topped little table that I rescued from someone's trash when I was in college.  But with a second sewing machine again, I needed an additional sewing table.  So when Jay asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted a sewing table and started doing some online research on exactly which one.

After ruling out all of the ridiculously expensive tables (seriously, do people actually buy the $700+ tables? If so, why?!?!)  I finally settled on this one from WalMart because  this one had drawers and was reasonably priced.  But since it was bigger than my existing table, I would need to move the bookcase slightly to accommodate it.

Jay laughingly said as he was putting the table together that rather than just move the bookcase 4" to the right, I would probably rearrange everything in the room to get the new table in its place.  In retrospect, he wasn't far off. Did I mention I can be a bit OCD?

Thus began a veritable orgy of organization. While I'd tidied it up in March; the sewing room was bursting at the seams (pun intended) with everything that was in it and the costume closet nearly exploded when I went to pull Jay's doublet out for Ren Faire. I really needed some additional storage space or better organization or..something.  So I started by trying to organize all the pieces parts and fiddly bits from the costume closet.  This quickly took over the whole sewing room.

And the pic above doesn't show all the costumes still hanging in the actual closet.  I'd often thought about moving the whole costume closet down to the cutting room err game room that I happen to have my cutting table in and getting some commercial clothing racks to corral the costumes we have. This seemed like the time to Just. Do. It.

Several trips  to the Container Store later, I had rendered a second room of the house temporarily unusable until I completed this project.  I'd found a book on Renaissance velvets with lots of pics from the V&A collection in the antique store where we bought my 1920 Singer, so I was daydreaming of 15th century Italy and itching to start a new project.

But thanks to the Memorial Day long weekend with no plans and working like a demon, (nothing like wanting to be able to sew again to motivate a girl!) I am happy to say that  everything is OCD organized and the costumes and all attendant fiddly bits are now happily sharing space with Jay's comic books and our collection of gaming books.

Better still, I  broke down and organized the shelves downstairs and refiled all the stray pattern pieces adding a hook to hang my drafting rules from, moved all my fabric for toiles down to the cutting room. did some framing that needed to be done.. and just generally kicked some arse, organizationally speaking. (Photo bomb in the pic below by Samuel L Catson)

The new sewing table next to the bookcase that started all this frenzy.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to sew!

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