Monday, September 2, 2013

Afternoon at Dragon Con

Jay and I both ended up sleeping late (we'd taken the day as a vacation day, after all) and by the time we'd had brunch and were heading downtown, it was early afternoon.  The badge line for on site registration was much less arduous than the last time we were there and we had badges in about an hour.  We also pre-registered for next year so we can plan better next time.

Coming out of registration, we happened upon a table for AnachroCon, a local alternative history/Steampunk convention happening in February.  To give us another costuming goal to work towards, we pre-registered for that.  So 1 outfit for Sunday in the Park and another 2-3 for AnachroCon in February.  I can do this!

We agreed our first stop was the dealer's room....  well, building (there were at least 3 whole floors of dealers!).  Fighting the mad crowds through the first floor we saw many wondrous things (and, to be honest, a lot of junk)

Jay found a grey wool German officer's jacket that looked so good on him we had to buy it, although we have no immediate use for it, a brown leather officer's hat and a pair of goggles for his aviator costume.

I found a black leather top hat and a pair of opera glasses, but was decidedly unimpressed with any of the corsetry I was seeing for sale...  it was all rather flimsy and marginally constructed.  With about 30 minutes left until the dealer's room closed I ran across a booth for a Philadelphia fetish-ware store called Passional in the back corner of the 3rd floor.  The owner clearly knew her corsets and answered my  "tell me about your corsets" by telling me how many bones were in each one and that the bones were made of spring steel.  Before I knew it, she had me in a gorgeous red silk corset with spring steel boning that I knew was going to go home with me and a black ruffled hobble skirt that was too fun to resist.

By the time the dealer's room closed, we were starving.  After taking a look at the crowds at all the restaurants, we decided  that we were getting old and we really wanted to just catch MARTA home with all our loot and eat somewhere less crowded. So we did.

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