Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Boots!

I had a pair of Victorian looking granny boots that I wore to death in my LARP days.   I loved them enough to pack in my LARP wardrobe that moved 3 times with me even though I haven't been to a VtM LARP in years.  (I came to the realization that while I loved the whole concept of LARPing..  it inevitably lead to meta game interpersonal drama that I hated more than I loved LARPing)

When we started thinking about Steampunk, I pulled them back out and realized just how battered they were.

Jay bought a pair of riding boots for his aviator outfit that needed stretched so when we went to a cobbler that was highly rated on Yelp, I brought along my beloved boots, hoping for a miracle.  What I heard was $110 to resole and reheel them and he couldn't do anything about the hole in the toe.

So it was time to think about new boots (and fast, because I'd been planning on wearing these to Sunday in the Park at Oakland Cemetery on October 6).

While I desperately wanted a pair of Tavistocks, the pure historical accuracy was almost a deterrent for me.  They were gorgeous, but I knew doing up all those buttons was going to be a nightmare. (especially since my ankles tends to be a bit thick) so Tavistocks were probably not a decent investment for me  (darn it!).  But I wanted something more substantial than the flimsy little goth-steampunk boots  I was finding (and with a heel I could comfortably spend the day walking in)

so I engaged in some google fu and came upon a company called Oak Tree Farms, who were western boot makers that did a "wedding" line.  Behold my new boots!

I'm pretty happy with them.  I wore them around the house for a few hours and they're actually very comfortable.  I know the western heel isn't entirely authentic, but I'm willing to give in on that point for shoes that I'm comfortable in all day.

And Ziyi approves of the box they came in.

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